Tuesday 18 July 2017

The Evolving Role of a Contract Manager

Today, the role of contract manager is constantly evolving. Contract managers at the federal level are responsible for interpreting and implementing the myriad regulations and laws needed for inclusion; developing and managing contract vehicles between both parties; providing apt business advice in the implementation of pre- and post-award events; developing and/or reviewing complicated price settings; assisting in the purchase of specialized or standard services, construction, and/or commodities within a contracting office; utilizing different common contract types and contracting methods; conducting meetings with contractors on acquisition and/or sensitive issues when warranted as an authoritative contractual representative; executing and tracking deliverables until the closeout of the contract; etc. This conventional role of contract managers is evolving at the local and state procurement levels too.

Some government organizations view the role of  a Certified contract managers as process and compliance enforcement, while others view more to it.

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